For many years, 321 dogs – –  calmed thousands of couples being nervous of making love in public. We wanted to provide videos that will empower many individuals, and couples as well, to do it in public.

Some people decided to put what they had learned in into action and successfully satisfied themselves in a whole new level. This left them enlightened of what was seemed impossible before. The good karma generated by empowering others through this site kept for incredibly long years.

The owners of this site gave up the monetization in real world to focus full time on helping their fellow sex enthusiasts from being unfairly isolated in boring sex life routine. This site is an attempt to preserve in some form, the empathy they had for the said enthusiasts and help them re-ignite the burning passion one could attain in making love. Their satisfaction at seeing them stand up for what they wanna do is enough.

Who this site is for

This site is for everyone who never thought sex can be done in public, otherwise known as dogging. This site is for people fed up with the usual sex routine. But mostly, kind visitor, this site is for you.

What do we get out of it?

Our biggest benefit is good karma from grateful friends we’ll probably never meet. Our site is financed entirely by voluntary donations from people who have the same cause. We rely upon the goodwill and gratitude of people we helped.

Who the hell are we, anyway?

As many people are saying, if you want to help, you’ll know you’re helping them without something in return if you do it without saying you did it. Our individual identity is not as important as how we help you. If you want to talk with us, you can send us a message here: