Public sex and voyeurism: Why do people go dogging?

As British an institution as fish and chips or the Queen’s corgi habit.

Dogging is the act of public sex in a secluded or semi-secluded location, where those engaging in it allow others to watch them and may encourage viewers to join in.

Brits love a quickie in public, with 43% of us owning up to public sex. Sex in cars is nearly as popular as al fresco loving, as 49% of people in a new survey admit to getting it on in an automobile. Only laws on speed limits are more regularly broken than those relating to public fornication.

The term ‘dogging’ supposedly comes from men telling their wives they were going to ‘walk the dog’ and then either heading to the pub or going to see if they could find couples having sex and watch them. It doesn’t refer to the women involved in dogging scenarios in a derogatory way.

Dogging has links to voyeurism, exhibitionism, swinging, cuckolding and ‘stag’ or ‘vixen’ sex (where men and women enjoy seeing their partner having sex with another person).

It usually occurs in outdoor parking areas, woodland spots, quiet lanes and public parks after dark, when it’s unlikely that others will be around. You can get involved as a couple and engage in sex in front of a live audience, swap partners with another couple or have it off with singles who have come to enjoy the show.

Some people who go dogging respond to social media alerts or posts on sites specifically dedicated to the activity, so they know exactly where and when couples or curious singles are planning to be at a specific location. There’s a bit more planning and intent than just having a drunken shag down the side of a pub because you’re both too horny to make it home.

We don’t know how many people in the UK are currently active in the dogging scene, but communities of dedicated doggers certainly exist online and information on the best dogging spots in your city or county are just a simple Google search away.

There’s not one specific law that bans dogging, but if you get caught, you could be prosecuted for public indecency, indecent behaviour or disorderly conduct. If you’re engaging in public sex near children or a school, you might find yourself on the sex offenders register. (Picture: Ella Byworth for

In order to learn more about dogging and why people like it, I logged on to an adults-only dogging site that offers handy tips to would –be doggers such as: ‘Try to arrive a few minutes early for a meet, no one likes to wait.’

Ian from Gloucestershire was kind enough to tell me why he enjoys going dogging. He said: ‘It’s the excitement of being watched while still getting pleasure! Knowing other men and women masturbate with butt plugs while they watch you adds to the fun.’

Amir* from Twickenham said that his best dogging experience was with a couple he’d met on Craigslist. ‘They were looking for a man to have sex with the husband’s blindfolded wife, while he watched. We decided to meet and I did the deed in his parked car under a bridge. It was a fun experience and I felt very adventurous.’

Brian told me that he’d first become interested in dogging when he realised that his long-term relationship was getting stale.

He said: ‘My relationship ended and after that, I was able to explore what I really wanted sexually, not just a quick shag at home twice a week.

‘I went to some shops in Glasgow, I guess you could call them sex shops, and I came across a contact magazine. Through it, I started making contact with couples. Given my previous relationship, I decided I wasn’t going to be tied down. I met a few couples and then the subject of meeting at dogging sites came up. (Picture: Ella Byworth for

‘I guess I was just very horny at that time, single and looking for fun. It was also very exciting, and almost a nervous experience in terms of watching, participating and making sure we didn’t get caught.’

On the etiquette of dogging, Rory says: ‘You can’t just walk up to a car and look in – that’s too much like stalking! You have to watch the cars as they come and go. See if the same cars are coming and going, who’s inside and whether or not they look at you.

‘A definite sign is light flashing. If you’re behind a car and then the brake lights flash, that generally means they want to be watched or joined. If you’re in front they will flash their headlights at you.

‘There have been times when a woman has gotten out her car topless and beckoned guys over, but that doesn’t happen very often.

‘During dogging, you may get invited to watch through a car window, generally, this is when guys just jerk off. There are other occasions when you might touch the couple, play with her and him, but it really depends on what you’re looking for.’

If you’re going to give dogging a try, remember never to engage in public sex in places where you could be seen by children or where you’re likely to cause offence. It is illegal and people do get prosecuted.

Is dogging illegal? All you need to know

DOGGING is a British slang term for having sex in public in the view of others.

The practice seems to occur up and down the country as randy exhibitionists play out their fantasies in car parks and woodland across the land. Some can even be seen having locked Here is everything you need to know about the raunchy pastime…

What is dogging?

Dogging is a British slang term of having sex in public while other people watch.

The phrase is thought to come from the term “walking the dog” as dog walkers used to happen across couples getting amorous outdoors.

The practice usually occurs in car parks and woodland and frequently involves strangers in an either active or voyeuristic role.

In 2003, the term “dogging” rose to prominence when it was reported that the craze was sweeping the internet as exhibitionists used the web to set up meets.

There is now internet evidence that the practice has spread as far afield as the US, Canada, Australia, Scandanavia, Barbados and Brazil.


How popular is public sex in the UK?

Public sex seems to be something of a national hobby for a great many Brits.

Last year a survey revealed that 43 per cent of Brits admitted to getting it on in a public place.

The study conducted by TV channel Alibi showed that it was in fact the second most common crime, after speeding, people admitted to having committed.


Where are the UK’s most notorious dogging sites?

Dogging seems to be pretty much nationwide with virtually every county apparently having a site according to various hook up websites.

The activity seems particularly popular in South London with one survey claiming that 12 of the 21 most popular sites were in the area.

Neighbouring Kent also featured highly on the list but people getting frisky al fresco is by no means restricted to the South East.

One survey claimed Manchester was the UK’s number one city for dogging but there are well known sites in the Midlands, across the North, East Anglia, the West Country, Wales and Scotland.

The Sun revealed that a mansion used on the X Factor in Hadley Wood, North London was a top dogging spot as well as the Scratchwood Open Space in Barnet, North London.

In 2004 ex-England star Stan Collymore was accused of taking part in dogging at Cannock Chase, Staffs.

Dr Lisa Van Zyl has called for legalised and normalised dogging spots after becoming exasperated by coming across people having sex in cars in family places.

Is dogging illegal?

Although the practice of dogging is not explicitly banned by one particular law, there are a multitude of offences anyone one caught doing the dirty in public could be charged with.

These include anything from indecent exposure, public lewdness and gross indecency, to name a few.

People caught dogging could be prosecuted under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 or under the common law offence of outraging public decency.

In some cases doggers have found themselves on the sex offenders register. It may be illegal, but research shows that dogging can be beneficial. Not known to many, it has the same health benefits of locking cocks of your partners. Weird, right?


Giving new meaning to the term “flash mob,” the British have invented a new sex craze called “dogging” that mixes sex, exhibitionism, mobs and the Internet.

Dogging combines technology with swinging, cruising and voyeurism. To wit: Crowds big and small watch exhibitionist couples who’ve met on the Net have sex in cars, and sometimes join in.

“Dogging is the broad term used to cover all the sexual outdoor activities that go on,” says the dogging FAQ at Melanies UK Swingers, a popular dogging site. “This can be anything from putting on a show from your car, to a gangbang on a picnic table.”

Dogging appears to be popular and widespread, attracting heterosexual couples and single men and women of all ages, income brackets and backgrounds. Not surprisingly, however, dogging meets tend to attract more men than women.

Dogging is most often practiced in cars at rural parks, lover’s lanes and superstore parking lots. The term dogging has a number of suggested origins, but it probably refers to the “walking the dog” excuse proffered to spouses for an evening’s absence.

Dogging sessions are usually organized through the dozens of dogging sites and message boards that have sprung up in the last couple of years. Photos are exchanged and meetings arranged by e-mail or mobile phone text message.

At the meet, cell phones and text messages are used to confirm meeting places and, crucially, identities. Cameras and videophones are increasingly used to record what goes on.

“Technology is vital and is the main driver (of the dogging phenomenon),” said Richard Byrne, a lecturer at Harper Adams University College in the United Kingdom who produced a survey (PDF) last year that found dogging to be a widespread and growing problem in Britain’s country parks.

Dogging is so prevalent, 60 percent of U.K. country parks are affected by it, Byrne’s report estimated.

In addition, cases of sexually transmitted diseases in some districts rose markedly last year, prompting health authorities to post safe-sex warnings on dogging sites, according to the BBC. One dogging group on Yahoo has 22,000 members.

Although dogging has been growing in popularity for the last couple of years, it only reached the mainstream earlier this month when soccer player Stan Collymore, one of Britain’s most famous athletes, admitted to attending numerous dogging meets. Naturally, Collymore’s confession sparked a storm of tabloid controversy.

Dogging is becoming so popular, or so notorious, that a trio of music professionals this month released a single celebrating dogging – and an accompanying sexy video.

“Sex in public feels so right. Honk your horn. It’s a dogger’s delight,” go the lyrics to “Dogging,” a new single produced by URockers, a “collective of sexual anarchists born of the Internet,” according to the group’s site.

Members of the group claim to have met at a dogging meet. The trio are all music professionals, including a nationally known DJ and a high-profile producer who’s worked with Kylie Minogue and Robert Plant.

The single is part of a forthcoming album called A Momentary Lapse of Income, which will be released later this year in the United Kingdom. The group is seeking a U.S. distributor.

“Last summer in England was one of the hottest summers on record and there was a massive upsurge in interest (in dogging),” said GRocker, one of the groups’ members who declined to reveal his name and consented only to an interview by e-mail.

According to GRocker, the dogging scene attracts people of all ages and backgrounds, but mostly middle-class, middle-aged heterosexuals. There is also a sizeable contingent of hot rodders involved, he said.

“The modified car scene has added to the interest too,” GRocker said. “Young people with custom cars meet in countryside public spaces … which inevitably leads to them fooling around and having sex in public. So there’s a strong relationship between kids with cars and swingers/doggers.”

The scene also attracts technophiles. “I think mobiles and the Web have made a massive difference. Women I know feel much safer,” GRocker said. “(Technology makes) it easy to find out where to go and what other folks are looking for. It’s much easier to hook up with the right people and check out if they are cool or not.”

According to Byrne, meetings are organized through several online exchanges, mainly half-a-dozen Yahoo groups, which form the backbone of information exchange in the United Kingdom. He noted there are also several dogging-oriented porn sites.

Byrne said video and camera phones are used to record meetings. Byrne said he’s seen people in the United States trying to set up trans-Atlantic video links for “virtual dogging.”

“(Doggers) appear to be from all age groups,” said Byrne. “We even came across someone who was 70. And they come from all sorts of backgrounds: professional, manual, etc. I think the majority though are in their late 30s to 50s age group.”

But Byrne warned that dogging is not all fun and games. As well as an increase in STDs, there are reports of sexual and physical assaults, robberies and blackmail (as in Collymore’s case: The footballer was about to be the victim of a tabloid sting). There are also incompatibilities between those who use country parks during the day – usually families and kids – and those who use them after dark.

Nonetheless, dogging appears to be catching on in other countries, Byrne noted.

“Up until now it’s been really the U.K., but it has spread to Germany, France, Ireland,” he said. “I think it is growing in (the) U.S. and Canada.”

Boost Your Sex Life by Watching Other People Dogging

Porn movies are popular from their release on the internet and everyone love to watch porn. There are many websites that offer some really amazing categories of porn to choose from. These can benefits your sex life a lot, and porn movies really have a great impact on your sex life. There is no doubt in the fact that Masturbation and watching porn is a healthy practice and if you have ever heard of dogging enthusiast site? You might have the same fantasy and let us discuss it a little.

What is Dogging?

Dogging is a sex practice that people do in public and most of the porn categories fall under the Dogging category. There are a lot of people that loves dogging or public sex and if you are fond of doing such a thing but there is no possibility then porn websites are there for you. Play the video and enjoy imagining yourself in the video and that can be much more beneficial than the reality.

How porn boost your life?

1. New Positions and Fantasies

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Public sex benefits that you didn’t know existed

Have you ever thought about the benefits of having sex outdoors? There are a few reasons why this is such a good idea. So, let’s start from the beginning. 

You Become More Confident

If you never tried having public sex, it means that you will be needing to step out of your comfort zone. It requires a bit of preparation and a whole lot of excitement. And all of that can be a great experience. It gives you a chance to be wilder and experiment with things you’ve never tried before. 


At the same time, it will have a huge impact on your confidence. People who are willing to try outdoor sex are more likely to take risks and attempt new things. This is one of the simplest ways to boost self-esteem, but it is just the beginning. There are many other public sex benefits you will notice if you decide to try this daring activity.

Thrill and Excitement

Of course, the main reason why people practice sex in public is because of the thrill and excitement that come with it. What many people will agree is that having sex outside the bedroom is significantly better. It is different, and it’s far from your everyday routine. 

It is a nice way to spice up your sex life and keep the flame going. You probably heard about couples doing it in other rooms, and the very idea behind it is exciting. But once you go a step further, you’ll understand why this kinky activity is so popular. 

As you can probably expect, there is a constant fear of being caught in the middle of the act. And having that in mind can really help people get in the mood. Naturally, public sex is not for everyone, but it can be so much fun once you decide to try it out. 

It Ignites Passion for Sex

It is perfectly normal for a relationship to slow down after a while. And if that happened to you and your partner, there is nothing to worry about. However, it is important to do whatever you can to rekindle your likeness to sex. 


Doing everything the same way will become dull. And this is one of the reasons why you should look for ways to experiment with your partner. While it might sound strange to some people, it is possible to get bored of sex. Especially during a long relationship where each sexy night is identical. 


The simplest way to spice it up is to try public sex. You and your partner will share an adventure together, it will be exciting, and you will love every second of it. It can also help you get back the passion you might have started missing at some point. It is a win-win situation that both you and your partner will benefit from. 

You Discover Things With Your Partner

Sharing an adventure together with your significant other will deepen the connection. Shared experiences are what bring us together, and everything we went through can be a way to strengthen the relationship. And if these experiences are emotional, beautiful, and exciting, the connection will be stronger than ever. 


Outdoor sex is one of many ways to achieve this. But it can also help you discover new things about your partner. Have you ever wondered how kinky your partner is? Now is a perfect opportunity to discover it. 


If having sex in public sounds exciting to you, you can always bring up the topic and see what your partner thinks about it. They might be into it as well, and it will be a nice way to share a beautiful experience together.

You Make Unusual Memories

Memories are important. They stay with us for a long time and having a chance to make a couple of unusual ones is always a good thing. There is a high chance that this sex won’t be the best one in your life. You won’t have enough time to fully enjoy the experience, but memories that come with it will be irreplaceable. 


After all, the main goal of it is to have fun, and you will enjoy every second of it. Keep in mind that you don’t want to get caught in the act. So, do all the necessary precautions to avoid problems. Plan ahead, find a perfect spot that will keep you far away from prying eyes, and you’ll be ready to go.

Girls’ Confession: Public Sex Is Exciting!

One of the most common types of fantasy is the old classic of having sexual intercourse in public. The idea of being caught and even getting a little jail time can get the juices flowing. But there is more to undressing or engaging in sexual activities while in public. As Sari Cooper, a New York-based sex therapist, has said, it brings out the performer in us when we perform a sex act, even a non-sex act like kissing, in public. Plus, it can also bring you and your lover closer.

Living That YOLO Lifestyle

Nowadays, a lot of people, especially women, are living or want to live that YOLO (you only live once) lifestyle. The idea is to live in the moment and do all that you desire. For a lot of people, that can include having sex in public. Be it in a public bathroom where people can hear your moans or having hot car sex in a car park.

People often want to throw caution away and feel the thrill of doing something new. The excitement is what gets you going regardless of the sex position. Go for it and have a consensual quickie in the passenger seat of a car or try doggy style in the bathroom. The challenge makes it more rewarding.

However, there is a downside to being spontaneous, and that is safety. While it would be great to seize the moment, you have to remember that unwanted pregnancies and STDs can happen.

The Anonymity Is Exciting

The draw of indecent exposure is not only in the thrill and the YOLOness, but it is also in the anonymity. People can walk past you doing the deed at any moment. However, they have no clue who you are, and this adds to the excitement. It goes backs to the performer aspect in us.

An actor gets a thrill playing to the audience, but many of them do not know the actor’s first name. Plus, the actor does not know who many of the audience members are.

Plus, you may not know the person with whom you are engaging in sexual intercourse well or at all. You could know their name, but that’s about it. It can add to the exhilaration.

Putting on a Show Is Arousing

Keeping to the themes of voyeurism and bringing out the performer in all of us — public sex is much like putting on a show. It can make it more arousing. Now, we are not saying that you go out of your way to entertain the random, nameless passersby that may come around. That is not what we are getting at.

What we are saying is that when you are in public, people can see you. When you are doing the deed that should be behind closed doors, this adds to the excitement of it. Public sex is taboo, and that makes it, well, sexy in a way. The idea of having sex in public is not for people to watch. Instead, it is for you and your lover to be in the moment and lose control. The audience is a bonus.

You Aren’t in Control

Public sex is unplanned; that is why you should make sure you have protection at all times. The unplanned aspect of it can make you feel as if you are not in control but in a liberating way. You give in to your emotions and just go for it. It is like a show but an unplanned, emotional show. You would do the deed regardless of the space or the people that may see you. The desire takes over or is too strong to fight. Why else would so many people have sex in a public bathroom that is often dirty? Or a car that is too small, and you have to deal with the seat belts?

It’s Liberating to Break the Rules

As mentioned, public sex is taboo. The idea that you would bring something private to public space is breaking an unwritten rule. This adds to the freedom of the act. It’s like you are doing something that you know is not allowed. The rebel inside you jumps out, followed closely by the performer. Rebels break the rules, and we all have a little one inside us waiting to blow. 

Plus, it is liberating to act out your rebellious side once in a while. There are a lot of worse things that a rebel can do besides having consensual sex in public, so this may be the best way to let the rebel loose.

It Makes Same-Old Sex Feel Fresh and New

In marriages or long-term relationships, sex can get repetitive. This may take the spark out of the sexual acts. But instead of trying a new position, why not try a new location? Public sex is a way to make the old and familiar look and feel new and different.

You can do your go-to position but in a new area, and this will make it feel like you are doing it for the first time. It may be the kick that your sexual relationship needs to keep it exciting. Spicing up a relationship is not a bad thing. There is nothing as spicy as doing the deed in public.

It can also give you better orgasms and help you feel a deeper emotional connection with your lover. It makes for a dirty little secret that you cannot share. You feel like accomplices in a harmless crime.


Public sex is about excitement, living in the moment, and having a deeper connection. It is risky, but that is the thrill of it. Let yourself go and be in the sexy moment where others might see you. You’re guaranteed to have an amazing time and a memory you’ll cherish for a long time.

Why Prostate Massagers Are Not Only For Gay Men

We often hear about point G, the Holy Grail of female sexuality, but little about point P, which has been forgotten. However, men also have a specific point in the body that can lead them straight to prostatic orgasm. Where is it situated? How to stimulate it?

What is point P?

The P of “point P” designates the prostate, a gland which is part of the male reproductive system and which contains the ejaculatory ducts.

This gland is composed of lobules, themselves formed of a support tissue containing:

  • Muscle fibers,
  • Blood vessels,
  • Nerve endings,
  • And glands that secrete sperm fluid

Where is point P?

Point P is located on the prostate, located under the bladder, about 7 cm deep behind the upper wall of the rectum. Depending on age, its size varies from that of a plum to that of an apple.

Why is it more taboo than the G-spot?

Although this area is very erogenous, many men do not dare to explore it because the best way to discover it is anal stimulation. The vaginal route, necessary to access the G-spot in women, often seems more “natural”.

This is how prostate stimulation works

The man’s G-spot was already known in the centuries-old Tantra, Tao and Kamasutra. The term P point comes from the name of the erogenous place. The prostate or prostate is about the size of a chestnut, is located below the bladder and is adjacent to the wall of the rectum. One of their tasks is the production of a secretion that mixes with sperm in the urethra to produce ejaculate.

A prostate massage stimulates sensitive nerve endings, which can promote pleasure for men. Ureters, prostate muscles and the pelvic floor muscles are stimulated in a similar way to a normal orgasm. It can even happen that a prostate massage leads to ejaculation.

You can stimulate the pleasure point via the anus. To do this, carefully insert a finger or use a prostate stimulator specially made for this. Lubricants, condoms and gloves are a must to maintain hygiene. A light massage can be enough to bring your partner to orgasm. It is best if your partner lies on your back and bends your legs.

If this form of intimacy is uncomfortable for your partner, the massage of the perineum, which lies between the anus and testicles, can lead to orgasm. As always, do only what you both enjoy. If the prostate massage is not for you, there are other erogenous spots that excite him immediately.

Proper preparation for prostate massage

First dedicate yourself to his perineum – the area between the testicles and anus: gentle stroking or pressing excites and relaxes. During the foreplay with the partner, the partner can also stimulate the outside of the anus orally.

How to have a prostatic orgasm?

There are two ways to stimulate the P-spot.

External stimulation

The external massage of the perineum, between the scrotum (skin bag holding the testicles at the base of the penis) and the anus, makes it possible to feel a small ball. By gently massaging this area, the man should feel a very pleasant pleasure.

According to Chinese medicine, prostate massage prevents prostate inflammation, hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) and prostate cancer, while ensuring the longevity of urinary and sexual functions.

Internal stimulation

It is possible to reach point P by the anal route. The more the excitement is strong, the more the prostate and the penis harden to finish by the prostatic orgasm, which does not necessarily lead to ejaculation.

Anal toys for prostate massage

There are so-called prostate massagers that massage the prostate from the inside with vibrations and a specially curved shaft. Most of these anal toys also have another stimulation arm that massages the perenium from the outside. Double fun is inevitable.

In what position to do a prostate massage?

The position chosen for a prostate massage must above all be comfortable for each partner.

Then, and very logically, it must offer easier access to the anus and, as a bonus, to other erogenous zones. Many people like to combine prostate massage and fellatio or prostate massage and breast caresses.

Prostate massage technique: warming up

Little reminder for novices: the anus was not provided with the gift of self-lubrication that our vagina enjoys! Before any anal practice, you must read lu-bri-fier!

Any lubricant can do the trick, but be aware that there are specific lubricants for anal sex , their peculiarity being that they lubricate longer than their conventional counterpart. Either way, be prepared to put it on several times during the massage.

Find the point P to reach prostatic orgasm

To find the point-P, it is first of all a question of knowing what one is looking for: in this case, the prostate, a small protruding ball in the shape of a chestnut, with a texture different from the surrounding tissues. This point-P is located on the “inside” wall of the rectum, about 7 cm from the entrance to the anus.

Rather than groping forward, do not hesitate to encourage your partner to guide you: only he knows which areas tickle him more than others. The good barometer is the urge to urinate: the more your partner has the impression of having an urgent urge, the more it means that we are touching point-P!

Once the beloved prostate has been located, just touch it with your fingertip (and not with your nails). Overall, the same techniques are applied for the prostate as for stimulating the G-spot: a back and forth game with one or two fingers, more or less strong pressure, fingers sometimes bent, sometimes unfolded.

Hygiene after prostate massage

After the orgasm, the stimulator should be pulled out carefully and slowly (the anus is now particularly sensitive) and cleaned thoroughly with a little soap and water. A special toy cleaner can also be used for disinfection (especially for anal toys).

The secret is to be guided by the pleasure of the partner! For more guides, useful articles, and amazing products like prostate massagers, you can access this source.