Why Prostate Massagers Are Not Only For Gay Men

We often hear about point G, the Holy Grail of female sexuality, but little about point P, which has been forgotten. However, men also have a specific point in the body that can lead them straight to prostatic orgasm. Where is it situated? How to stimulate it?

What is point P?

The P of “point P” designates the prostate, a gland which is part of the male reproductive system and which contains the ejaculatory ducts.

This gland is composed of lobules, themselves formed of a support tissue containing:

  • Muscle fibers,
  • Blood vessels,
  • Nerve endings,
  • And glands that secrete sperm fluid

Where is point P?

Point P is located on the prostate, located under the bladder, about 7 cm deep behind the upper wall of the rectum. Depending on age, its size varies from that of a plum to that of an apple.

Why is it more taboo than the G-spot?

Although this area is very erogenous, many men do not dare to explore it because the best way to discover it is anal stimulation. The vaginal route, necessary to access the G-spot in women, often seems more “natural”.

This is how prostate stimulation works

The man’s G-spot was already known in the centuries-old Tantra, Tao and Kamasutra. The term P point comes from the name of the erogenous place. The prostate or prostate is about the size of a chestnut, is located below the bladder and is adjacent to the wall of the rectum. One of their tasks is the production of a secretion that mixes with sperm in the urethra to produce ejaculate.

A prostate massage stimulates sensitive nerve endings, which can promote pleasure for men. Ureters, prostate muscles and the pelvic floor muscles are stimulated in a similar way to a normal orgasm. It can even happen that a prostate massage leads to ejaculation.

You can stimulate the pleasure point via the anus. To do this, carefully insert a finger or use a prostate stimulator specially made for this. Lubricants, condoms and gloves are a must to maintain hygiene. A light massage can be enough to bring your partner to orgasm. It is best if your partner lies on your back and bends your legs.

If this form of intimacy is uncomfortable for your partner, the massage of the perineum, which lies between the anus and testicles, can lead to orgasm. As always, do only what you both enjoy. If the prostate massage is not for you, there are other erogenous spots that excite him immediately.

Proper preparation for prostate massage

First dedicate yourself to his perineum – the area between the testicles and anus: gentle stroking or pressing excites and relaxes. During the foreplay with the partner, the partner can also stimulate the outside of the anus orally.

How to have a prostatic orgasm?

There are two ways to stimulate the P-spot.

External stimulation

The external massage of the perineum, between the scrotum (skin bag holding the testicles at the base of the penis) and the anus, makes it possible to feel a small ball. By gently massaging this area, the man should feel a very pleasant pleasure.

According to Chinese medicine, prostate massage prevents prostate inflammation, hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) and prostate cancer, while ensuring the longevity of urinary and sexual functions.

Internal stimulation

It is possible to reach point P by the anal route. The more the excitement is strong, the more the prostate and the penis harden to finish by the prostatic orgasm, which does not necessarily lead to ejaculation.

Anal toys for prostate massage

There are so-called prostate massagers that massage the prostate from the inside with vibrations and a specially curved shaft. Most of these anal toys also have another stimulation arm that massages the perenium from the outside. Double fun is inevitable.

In what position to do a prostate massage?

The position chosen for a prostate massage must above all be comfortable for each partner.

Then, and very logically, it must offer easier access to the anus and, as a bonus, to other erogenous zones. Many people like to combine prostate massage and fellatio or prostate massage and breast caresses.

Prostate massage technique: warming up

Little reminder for novices: the anus was not provided with the gift of self-lubrication that our vagina enjoys! Before any anal practice, you must read lu-bri-fier!

Any lubricant can do the trick, but be aware that there are specific lubricants for anal sex , their peculiarity being that they lubricate longer than their conventional counterpart. Either way, be prepared to put it on several times during the massage.

Find the point P to reach prostatic orgasm

To find the point-P, it is first of all a question of knowing what one is looking for: in this case, the prostate, a small protruding ball in the shape of a chestnut, with a texture different from the surrounding tissues. This point-P is located on the “inside” wall of the rectum, about 7 cm from the entrance to the anus.

Rather than groping forward, do not hesitate to encourage your partner to guide you: only he knows which areas tickle him more than others. The good barometer is the urge to urinate: the more your partner has the impression of having an urgent urge, the more it means that we are touching point-P!

Once the beloved prostate has been located, just touch it with your fingertip (and not with your nails). Overall, the same techniques are applied for the prostate as for stimulating the G-spot: a back and forth game with one or two fingers, more or less strong pressure, fingers sometimes bent, sometimes unfolded.

Hygiene after prostate massage

After the orgasm, the stimulator should be pulled out carefully and slowly (the anus is now particularly sensitive) and cleaned thoroughly with a little soap and water. A special toy cleaner can also be used for disinfection (especially for anal toys).

The secret is to be guided by the pleasure of the partner! For more guides, useful articles, and amazing products like prostate massagers, you can access this source.